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    • BD-420W blade leather belt machine is in accordance with the German Fortuna splitting machine structure principle of design and manufacturing, aircraft materials and parts with good performance and durability, quality, achieve high standards, its very reliable and economical. It not only provides the ideal output to customers, but also to ensure the quality of high-quality leather.

      A: digital display to slice thickness, feed stepless.

      Two: automatic feeding and positioning device, no need to adjust the props.

      Three: automatic adjusting tool pressure plate gap, the blade cutting precision is higher.

      Four: independent dander dust and grinding dust suction device.

      Five: Leather automatic shutdown system involvement.

      Six: automatic detection system of electronic phase.

      Seven: automatic control device of a single handle to adjust sharpening device and start.

      Eight: the operation of large flywheel to make knives more stable, accurate.

      Nine: 3570mm specialty knives durable, economical and practical, to reduce the cost of operation.

      Ten: the precise orbit of the flywheel mobile reliable, easier to replace the knives, fast, convenient.

      Eleven: cut a different piece of leather, slice cut freely adjust the pressure.

      Twelve: the appropriate working height in the aim of reducing operator fatigue.

      Thirteen: mechanical parts always lubrication.

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